About Us


Artificial intelligence is finding its way into more industries and a growing number of companies already experience the benefits of implementing AI. According to a new survey carried out by MIT-Boston Consulting Group, 85% of executives believe Artificial Intelligence will transform business, but only 20% of companies are using it in some way, and just 5% make extensive use of it.

Even though AI is developing and gaining more popularity, many businesses still can’t find their way with this “new” technology. Some of the common reasons includes lack of data and lack of skilled people, and difficulties identifying appropriate business cases, among others.


At, Obvious Technology, our goal is to simplify AI for Business, by using deep technology to realize our vision of simplified and affordable AI solutions.

As technology enthusiasts, we believe the impact of leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the right way, can deliver more smarter, quicker, and reliable systems that will help overcome the existing challenges of adoption of AI.


Powered by AI technology and leveraging advances in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in particular, we are building Cognitive Platform using our proprietary AiBlock™  for business to purpose fit and repurpose the blocks for quick and easy adoption thus reducing operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience.

We are a US based startup with subsidiary in India.

Let’s get your business started on a new digital journey.