Unattended AiBlock™

Unattended AiBlock™ designed to take over the time-intensive, paint-by-numbers manual tasks that slow you down—and run in the background with no need for your input. They do not need any human assistance to initiate and finish an entire task. Unattended AiBlock™ of Obvious Technologies Inc will be trained to accomplish various business processes for your organization without any human assistance or supervision.

Unattended AiBlock™ is competent to get triggered by a specific event and commence the job, perform the required processing, and deliver the final result. All these tasks are performed by the AiBlock™ without zero human intervention. It can work outstandingly well for any repetitive and rule based tasks in back office.

Unattended AiBlock™ Key Benefits:

  • 100% process automation
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Accelerates processing velocity
  • Assures accuracy

Let’s get your business started on a new digital journey.