Banking and Finance

At Obvious Technology Inc, we have built comprehensive AiBlock™ for the banking and finance industry. Our AiBlock™harnesses the whole value chain and introduces hyper-automation in various banking and Fintech processes. Banks and financial institutes can utilize AiBlock™ to enhance processes in distinct areas. The flawless working competency of AiBlock™ increases the speed and efficiency of operations to benefit both, the organization and its customers.

Our AiBlock™empowers banks and Fintech organizations by introducing automation and intelligence

Digital Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding process is the top for the success of a bank.  AiBlock™will help banks to set up a seamless digital onboarding experience. With the RBI guidelines enabling electronic KYC as a form of acceptance to open bank accounts, AiBlock™ provides the capability to deliver an end-to-end digital banking experience.

Mortgage Loan Origination

Lenders typically spend time processing mortgage requests, manually. Using our AiBlock™, banks can replicate the effort of a human as part of a repetitive process to accomplish tasks faster and with higher accuracy rate.

Fraud Detection

As connectivity aids more fraudulent activities, AiBlock™ -integration can ensure that the banks always remain two steps ahead of such attempts.

Video KYC

Obvious VKYC for REs – Banks, NBFCs, Walletsetc.  is an AiBlock™ driven solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding by automating the document collection and verification process using AI-driven face match and document verification algorithms.

Process Optimization

A key solution provided by AiBlock™ is process optimization. AiBlock™ performs more complex automation such as interpreting, decision-making, and analyzing across various processes thus reducing employees’ hours spent on mundane and repetitive tasks, and allowing them focus more on high-value projects.

Key Benefits

  • Automate repetitive operations
  • Slash down processing cost by 30–70%
  • Speed up the processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Better record-keeping
  • And more

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