Telecom industry can leverage abundant benefits by using AiBlock™ developed by Obvious Technologies Inc. AiBlock™ enhances various operations and processes in the telecom industry to bestow multiple advantages. AiBlock™ for Telecom uses cognitive intelligence to provide accurate results within less time compared to the human workforce.

Our AiBlock™ optimizes various processes in the Telecom industry:

Back Office Processing

AiBlock™ brings greater efficiency to telecommunications functions by allowing Telcos to more easily manage their back office operations and large volumes of repetitive and rules-based actions. By streamlining the execution of complex, labour-intensive and time-consuming processes such as Customer On Boarding, KYC Processing, billing, data entry, workforce management and order fulfilment, AiBlock™ frees up resources for higher value-add work.

Exceptional process optimization

With diversified AiBlock™, various processes in the telecom industry can be optimized. From a simplistic representation of unstructured data to complex processes such as interpretation of data, identifying patterns with analysis, and decision making AiBlock™ can perform all tasks to optimize different processes.

Key Benefits

  • Hyper automation of repetitive processes
  • Reduced time for processing
  • Higher accuracy
  • Save costs up to 70%

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