Identity Management

Identity management of customers, team members, vendors, and other business entities is mandatory in various industries. The manual process of collecting, processing, and managing documents of each individual as part of identity management is not only time consuming process, but it is also prone to human errors. To simplify and speed up identity management, we, at Obvious, have developed    AiBlock™  using the power of Computer Vision, ML, and NLP technologies.

KYC Processing

Obviuos AiBlock™ simplifies verification of KYC documents without human resource involvement. . The AiBlock™ can process all sorts of identity documents. It is capable of extract, process, validate, and verify the truthfulness of each presented ID proof.

Document Processing

Obvious AiBLock™ harness cognitive capabilities to ease the burden of processing documents and extracting data from them. It reduces the costs, improve customer experience, and help ensure regulatory compliance.

This can be used for a wide range of applications including Customer Onboarding, Mortgage Processing, Contract Intelligence, Check Fraud Prevention, BPO Process Automation and Claims Processing

Key Benefits

  • Swift identity management
  • Rapid validation and verification
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve accuracy
  • Save resources
  • Enhance processes

Let’s get your business started on a new digital journey.