With Industry 4.0, manufacturers have already started deploying automation and IoT applications in their business operations. With robotics in place, manufacturers can streamline assembly lines and efficiently manage production departments. However, the manufacturing industry still struggles to effectively manage operational or backend processes.

AiBlock™ in manufacturing offers companies improved agility in operations across the entire value chain such as

Invoice processing

Invoices that companies receive from their suppliers sometimes, for example, arrive in multiple different formats: as a paper copy, a Microsoft Word document, a PDF email attachment, or a fax. Moreover, a company’s finance team is responsible for manually transferring the data from these various invoice formats into the company’s database and dealing with any discrepancies.

AiBlock™ uses Computer Vision, NLP, and MI to read and extract the key information from each invoice that is visible and process the invoices one-by-one by transferring over the relevant invoice information.

Information gathering, data analysis, and processing, process accuracy, the pursuit of effective innovation, etc. – all of the above are among the benefits that AiBlock™  can bring to manufacturers.

Key Benefits

  • Error-free, consistent results
  • Employees can be utilized for higher-value work
  • Faster, more predictable delivery timing
  • Increased job satisfaction (not spending time doing repetitive, low-value work)
  • Documented trail of work performed
  • Identification of anomalies or other red flags

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