We, at Obvious Technology Inc., understand the necessity of business process management in businesses like BPO’s. The day to day operations of BPO’s need to be analyzed, optimized, and enhanced by encompassing hyper-automation in routine processes. AiBlock™ for BPO and BPM are efficient for all scaled businesses working in this industry. They can leverage multiple business benefits by using one or more AiBlock™ built specifically to benefit the BPO industry by Obvious.

Manifold AiBlock™ Can Be Effectively Used by BPO/BPM

Form Processing

One of the operations handled in BPOs is form processing. In a BPO, massive volumes of forms are processed on a daily basis. The manual procedure of form processing is not only tedious, but also quite time-consuming. AiBlock™ empowers the processing of diversified types of forms, contacts, applications, etc., which can be printed or Handwritten.  AiBlock™ can classify the type of forms and effectively extract the required information for further use.

AiBlock™ can reduce form processing cost up to 100% by completely automating the whole process and reduce TAT up to 200%

Contract Processing

BPOs often process various contracts and often in a massive volume. This process of contract processing can be enhanced using AiBlock™. AiBlock™ can process contracts within less time and the highest accuracy.  AiBlock™ can localize handwritten signature from the contract documents and classify them from other information available in it.

AiBlock™ can detect information of the customer or vendor from the different ID proofs such as driving license, national ID proof, etc. All information of the customer or vendor such as name, father’s name, date of birth, etc. will be detected and extracted automatically from the given ID proofs and provided in the CSV format.

AiBlock™ is also capable to detect and verify the correctness of the submitted ID proofs such as driving license, ID cards, etc.

KYC Processing

BPM includes KYC (Know Your Customers) data management. For rapid and efficient KYC processing in businesses, we have developed AiBlock™ capable of identifying and processing documents of various types such as Passport, Driving License, National ID card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Election Card, National ID, etc.  AlBlock™ can validate and verify each KYC document without any human intervention

AIBlock™ can reduce processing costs up to 100% by completely automating the whole process and reduce TAT up to 200%.

Key Benefits

  • Completely or partially automate various BPO processes
  • Cost saving from 70% to 100%
  • Reduced TAT from 70% to 1300%
  • Better utilization of manual resources
  • Reduced efforts
  • Improved services
  • Enhanced customer services
  • Boosted productivity

Let’s get your business started on a new digital journey.