SBA LOAN APPROVAL AND DISBURSMENT ANNOUNCEMENT SBA & PPP Benefits to Business and Individuals in United States is recently announced as part of economic relief stimulus program. PROBLEM A high volume of borrower’s application in form of PDF. Wide variety of documents are submitted. Time consuming processing of submitting application forms. Banks require more staff […]

2-CLICK CUSTOMER ONBOARDING: UNDERSTAND VERIFY PROCESS CUSTOMER DOCUMENTS USING “AiBlock™”. ANNOUNCEMENT KYC and two click customer on-boarding for Israel’s largest investment firm (Hebrew Language) PROBLEM A volume of documents that customer provides for on-boarding is huge. And KYC process itself is very cumbersome. Verification of each document type is different as per the issuing authorities. […]

CROP HARVESTING AND PREDICTING COCONUT FARM PRODUCTION – FOR EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF SUPPLY CHAIN IN HAIR OIL BUSINESS. BACKGROUND World’s largest coconut hair oil producing company, acquires coconut from coastal farms across the world. PROBLEM Coconut farm harvesting and production of fruit is un-certain. Company deploys an army of people to photograph fruit of each […]

CANCELLING AIR TICKETS. PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS: 700% IMPROVED TAT. ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXP. ANNOUNCEMENT Air traffic is globally affected and suspended due to coronavirus pandemic. PROBLEM Airline companies with limited support staff are finding very difficult in serving customers. Canceling their flights and refunding the amount to their Banks. Average cancellation time against the booking of flight […]

ML MODELS: IDENTIFY THE RIGHT CUSTOMER TO OFFER EMI MORATORIUM ANNOUNCEMENT RBI gives 3-month moratorium on term loans and equated monthly instalment payments. PROBLEM Who are the customers those could be given a moratorium? How much time will the bank need to identify these customers? SOLUTION An AI Algorithm that can understand data, identify, and […]

PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS: HOW TO IMPROVE LOAN COLLECTION RATE USING COViD-19 HEALTH DATA. ANNOUNCEMENT Prime Minister of India has announced lockdown of the Indian states till 3rd May 2020. Economies across sectors are impacted. PROBLEM Where should financial institutions get maximum payments on-time? Which areas of the country are favorable spots of recovering loans? Identify Individuals […]